We are really pleased to welcome Pania & Diva and her mum Kaea who are going to share their favorite spots in Taupo with us.

We have to start with the lake, it's the center point to the town and the main reason most people visit Taupo.

I love the fact that you can drive around the lake and it has different feel in different places.

Obviously the main town is townie with all the things you expect but as you drive on you find your self driving through bush, along side the lake or through parts that weirdly make me think of New Hampshire or the lake district in the UK. It really is a lake with many faces.

These shots are taken on the Great Lake Pathway, a 10km walk that begins at the boat harbor and leads out to 5 mile bay and runs right alongside the lakefront.

Along the pathways are places to stop for coffee, a swim, a bite to eat and you can even find a few natural geothermal hotspots!

Taupo city center is really dog friendly and you will see furry friends everywhere. Along the Roberts St strip there are cafes and bars that have dog friendly outdoor spaces with beautiful views of the lake. All equipped with dog bowls and shade so everyone can enjoy themselves. Check out lonestars's courtyard!

Taupo's Botanic Gardens are unusual but so much fun for your dog, trails run through native bush popping out into little clearings with what seems like random plantings . Its all rather beautiful ๐Ÿ˜

Adventure on a 3km walk through native bush to the lakes edge and discover flat volcanic rocks that reach out over the crystal clear water - Whakamoenga Point is a beautiful place to stop and reflect on the wonders of the lake and how it was created hundreds of years ago.

So head out and adventure in Taupo there is so much to see and do .