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healthy dog gift box containing the best of our healthy dog products dog meat treats, natural dog biscuits,eco dog poop bags,handmade dog toy, natural dog soap
image showing the inside of the healthy dog and co gift box. eco poop bags, healthy dog treats, natural dog soap, natural dog balm

Healthy Dog Gift Box

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The healthy dog gift box is filled with healthy and natural products and treats.

We have carefully selected items that have been made here in New Zealand, so you can be assured of the quality and minimal environmental impact of your box.

In your healthy dog box you will find:

  • Natural dog balm (for rashes, scrapes, and allergies)
  • Handmade dog biscuits (Crunchy fruit & vegetable baked treats)
  • Goat milk dog soap ( gentle anti-itch soap with oats and neem)
  • Air-dried dog treats ( beef stick & lamb lung)
  • Compostable poop bags

At Healthy Dog & Co we know that keeping your dog healthy and fit is uppermost in your mind. In order to do that, you need to know that you are choosing 100% natural products from a trusted source made here in New Zealand.

The problem is it takes time to source and find quality products. We believe you and your dog should be spending that time running around and having adventures instead, so we have done all the hard work for you.

We understand that keeping your dog healthy isn't just about the food that you feed, but is about the lifestyle that you create with them. 

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