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peanut butter and banana dog treats. hand baked natural dog treats
Handmade Dog treats - Peanut butter & banana

Handmade Dog treats - Peanut butter & banana

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Handmade 100% natural dog treats that you can feel good about giving your dog.

Our biscuits are a little bit different, they are made with fresh natural fruits and vegetables rather than meat products.

Why did we choose to do this? After extensive testing on willing dogs we found that they really enjoyed having a treat which was so totally different from the normal meat treats.

We use vitamin E as a natural preservative. We source our fresh produce locally, and then add our secret wheat-free flour blend that helps create our signature crunch! The result is fantastically tasty, crunchy biscuits that your dog will love.

Available in 150g boxes

Ingredients: Pumpkin, carrot, Pic's peanut butter, banana, egg, rice flour, oat bran, arrowroot, vitamin E