100% natural dog soap can be used weekly for keeping fleas at bay in summer months soft on your dogs skin
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Dog Soap - Natural flea repellent

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A beautiful 100% Natural dog soap to help ward off those pesky bugs this year. 

If your hoomans make you have one of those nasty baths we recommend borking!

woof mum says we can't say that 🙄 ok then if you're having a bath make sure you ask your hoomans for soap that won't make your eyes sting and that makes you fluffier than a cloud, and if our paws twisted... smells nicer than that thing you rolled in yesterday.

This soap is a little different than all the others tho, this one keeps those nasty bitey bugs away that stick to you when you are running around having fun on your walks.

Are you looking for a natural alternative to protect your dog from fleas and bugs this year? Our gentle goatmilk dog soap is gentle enough to use for your weekly dog wash and helps to deter bugs.

Made by hand with New Zealand goat's milk from a local farm in Waipu, this soap has been designed using ingredients long known for their benefits.  The flaxseed and geranium combine to ward off bugs, all the oils work together to condition and soothe your dog's skin without stripping his/her fur of their natural oils, and the goat's milk is naturally gentle. This soap leaves your dog silky smooth and squeaky clean. 

Ingredients: olive oil, goat's milk, geranium, flaxseed, grapeseed oil, coconut oil.