Dog Poop Bag Holders - Sea Breeze

Dog Poop Bag Holders - Sea Breeze

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It's so cute and blue and I hate to say it very useful not fun at all 🙄 but your paw parents will love it

We need to talk about that totally weird thing that our hoomans do!

You know what we're woofing about, their strange obsession with picking up your number 2 💩

It may freak us out but hoomans seem to really want to pick it up so what can we do🙄To make the whole idea less embarrassing we thought mum better design something to hide the bags in, so you can still look cool at the dog park. 

They clip onto your matching lead and are big enough to fit a few of your treats in and your paw parents' keys. 


They are so pawfect you might find yourselves woving all of them!