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Puppy Growth Plan

Are you worried about how quickly your new puppy will grow out of their harness?

Don't worry we have you covered with our puppy growth plan.

With this plan, Healthy Dog & Co will replace a harness (reversible or adjustable) for a larger size one within 9 months from the purchase date. In our experience, most breads are fully grown after 9-12 months.

This plan is only available to our customers in New Zealand 

How much does it cost? $14.99 per harness

How long do I have to exchange the harness? You have 9 months from purchase to use your plan.

How many times can I use the plan? Each plan is classed as an individual unit and can only be used to replace one harness.

How do I use my plan? Please email us at healthydogandco@gmail.com to arrange your replacement.

What design pattern do I get? You can choose from any patterns in stock

Can I use it for the same sized harness or smaller? No the puppy growth plan is designed to replace harnesses due to growth only.

If I'm buying more than one harness will I need to buy a plan for both of them? Yes you will.

We would love to suggest that you pass on your old harness to a local rescue group or if you post it back to us we can do it for you.

If you have any other question please email healthydogandco@gmail.com

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