About Us

Hi There

I'm so glad that you want to find out a little bit more about us 😍 So let me introduce the team.

From left to right - first up is Sprinkles who is a pointer/heeler/staffy cross she keeps everyone on their toes and is chief tester for all our toys and treats and she puts all the dog wear through some tough challenges. If sprinkles can destroy it we don't sell it  😂.

Next up me - Hi I'm Helen crazy dog mum and designer, after working in several different industries over the years I finally found a way to stay home with my dogs and it was the best decision. I now spend my days designing cute patterns and packing up orders for dogs across nz and it makes me so happy.

Last but not least is Buzz our little furry tank, buzz is a dachshund/staffy cross a big boy on tiny legs. He takes his role in the office very seriously, he is in charge off letting us know when the courier gets here. The rest of the day he can be found asleep under a desk-we pay him in biscuits!

So where did Healthy Dog & Co start?    In 2004 I slipped and fell and one of the disks in my back slipped too. After surgery I needed to walk everyday for rehab, there was only so many walks that I could take my own dogs on so I started to walk some local dogs.

It was a lightbulb moment realizing how much I wanted my future to revolve around dogs, with training and plenty of advice and a couple of years I had built a successful dog walking business. When your walking a lot of dogs you go through a lot of treats, in the end I was baking my own and so began the start of our dog product range.

Over the last five years I have grown this side of the business, sold off the dog walking side and now we focus on practical, healthy and well designed dog products. We hope to keep growing, you can now find our products across the country, we attend markets across Auckland and of course we are here 😍


From Helen & 
Sprinkles and Buzz, our top testing team