Mr Soft top Mauve Merino Tee
Mr Soft top Mauve Merino Tee

Mr Soft top Mauve Merino Tee

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Mr soft top Merino tees are perfect for keeping you dog warm and chillier days.

Hand made in New Zealand.

Fabric: 100% merino.  190gsm

These garments are lightweight but still incredibly warm.  Wear it on its own or under a walking coat or sweater for extra warmth.

Available in sizes XS to L.

The wool content in these tees means your dog can’t overheat in them as they are breathable.


(Weights and dog breeds are approximate - it is best to  follow the measurements for your dog)

Width is right around the chest just behind the front legs.  Length is measured from collar to tail.

XS - Width 16"/40cm    Length - 10"/25cm (3kg and under - Chihuahua, Yorkie)

S - Width 18"/45cm      Length - 12"/29cm (3 - 5.5kg - Griffon, Shih Tzu, Pug)

M - Width 22"/56cm     Length - 16"/38cm (6.5 - 9.5kg - Small Poodle X, Mini Schnauzer, Small French Bulldog, West Highland Terrer)

L - Width 24"/61cm      Length -  18"/46cm (9.5 kg - 15kg - Cocker Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer, Large French Bulldog)