At this time of year I always go through my first aid kit, no only are the kids off, but we are getting out and about with the dogs on more adventures so its good to be prepared. The things that I pack for the dogs are not that different to a human first aid kit.πŸš‘

  1. A couple of large gauze pads to cover wounds
  2. Bandages & blunt scissors
  3. A tea towel - it can be used as an emergency muzzle as any dog in serious pain can bite
  4. Saline solution which can be used to wash out cuts as well as eyes
  5. A pair of gloves
  6. Any medication my dogs are on
  7. A thick black bin bag - this is my emergency sling which I would use to help take the weight of one of the dogs if we were in serious trouble. You could also use your jacket, tarp or something similar.

Even though I have all these things, I'm happy to say I have only had to use the saline once to flush out a grass seed.

It only takes a bit of thought to pack one and then its done for the summer 🌞