We are a big fan of Ice Cream here at HQ there is nothing better to beat the heat.
Which is why we were so excited to stock the new scoop and dog ice cream.
These tubs make the perfect addition to the pantry - yes pantry!
They are a dry mix that you make up when you need it. It makes it the perfect treat to send to friends or add to the Christmas list.
Simply add warm water and mix up then pop back in the tub or into moods and freeze.
We pour ours into the ice cube trays and once they are frozen, empty them into a ziplock bag to keep in the freezer - this also makes them into the perfect portion size for a summer treat.
If you prefer a more DIY option we tried this recipient with sprinkles and Buzz and it got the lick of approval !
Peanut butter ice cream
There are just three simple ingredients in this, so it's quick to whip up anytime. Just remember that this is a treat food. You don't want to give this to your dog every day, we have them about once a fortnight.
  1. You need 1 cup of natural plain Greek yogurt, 1 ripe banana and 2 large tbsp spoons full of peanut butter.
  2. I put all of this in my smoothie mixer for a quick blast.
  3. Then pour into molds, you can use just about any type if you want smaller portions. Try ice cube trays, cupcake cake trays, or use a traditional ice lolly mold if you have a larger dog.
  4. I used mini party cake paper cups. You can even add other treats as a stick. The one Buzz is trying has a dried chew as the stick which he loved.