Here at Healthy dog & Co we try to keep all our designs in house where we can which means I get lots of time to play with ideas until we come up with the perfect one for a new bandana of harness set.

All the final designs start off as a little spark, it maybe something I see on Pinterest or maybe on the tv, something little that gets me thinking. 

From there I normally start with research, looking for images and colours that feel close to that little spark. This can sometimes lead me in one direction or off into multiple paths.

For example I was looking through my pins on the lead up to Christmas checking out cute ideas for the Christmas table when I saw a group of pins that I had saved of modern quilts (hand up, I am a crafter😀).

I love the clear lines and solid colour combinations of modern quilts and it got me thinking maybe we could do a geometric bandana range and quilts could be the inspiration....

From images I start doodling, this year for my birthday and Christmas gift I was lucky enough to be able to get an apple pencil and iPad so I can start doodling directly which should speed up my design process. The other bonus is I can create cool time lapse videos like the one below to share with you. This is the first design so far but I will probably do another five or so to see if the idea will make it into a final product.


 This is just one ideas that have come from that little seed or an idea and I'm really enjoying playing with the shapes and colours.

Anyway I hoped you liked a little look at just one part of my design process.