Our Soap Supplier, High Brook Hill

Welcome to the first in our supplier interviews. We love supporting other New Zealand businesses, especially if they are as fabulous as High Brook Hill, where we source all of our Healthy Dog and Co soaps.

These soaps are a gentle and natural alternative to dog shampoo and are perfect for your dog washing and dog grooming needs. You can buy our soaps individually (anti-itch and natural flea repellent), or in our Dog Gift Boxes as a special treat for you and your furry friend.  


An interview with Theresa from High Brook Hill


1.     Tell us a little about yourself, and High Brook Hill.

My husband, son and I live on our 5ha lifestyle block that over looks Bream Bay. I run a small Dairy Goat herd of 12 goats, and now Bee Keeping. Utilizing these the result is now HIGH BROOK HILL - creating natural products from our land in Waipu Northland.


2.     How did your goat milk soaps come about?

Living a healthy lifestyle had me looking for chemical free skincare products, After a job loss I had to think of a way to make an income. This search led me to making goats milk soap, with an opportunity of selling these soaps locally this has now grown nationally to become a small business run from my home.



3.     What is it that makes High Brook Hill goat milk soaps stand out from the crowd?

High Brook Hill goats milk soaps are made by hand - from hand milked goats, to hand wrapped packaging. The HBH Anglo-Nubian goats are free to roam over our organically run lifestyle block and bush.  This gives me a great milk with a high fat content to work with.  Resulting in a soap with a luxurious lather and nourishing moisturizing softness to your skin.  The soaps ingredients are all natural with no harsh detergents of harmful chemicals. Making them good for you and the planet.


4.     What do you most enjoy about your job? 

Working with the animals and seeing the creations develop into enjoyable products people love.  I enjoy getting the feedback from customers who have found the soap has helped with skin conditions they have battled with.  And of course around Kidding Time when the goats have their babies I can spend hours hanging out with them.


5.     What are your hopes for New Zealand in the coming years?

I really hope NZ will look at supporting our own Kiwi talent and focus on supporting our small business.  I also feel more people are becoming aware of the benefits of natural products and I hope New Zealanders will start to look after themselves and those around them including the environment and give support in going green. 


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