Today were getting to know Ingrid and Kilu - these guys always put a smile on our faces and we love their visits to the store.

We asked Ingrid what she like about being an ambassador?

'Being an ambassador allowed me to build a closer relationship with Healthy Dog and enjoy the behind the scenes of a local small business without the stress of it all! (Sorry Helen!). I also met a group of people that have very similar mindsets in looking after their fur kids which has been one of the best things I got from this journey.'

The pairs favorite walk is at the botanical gardens in south Auckland where there is plenty of wide open spaces which Kilu loves zooming around (no surprise as he's a whippet) and if a couple of friends are their too then this boys smile is a mile wide!

What can Kilu not live without?  Jumpers and more jumpers we love seeing his latest fit pop up on our feeds in the morning and he always looks super stylish.

If Ingrid could plan the perfect trip here in New Zealand it would be to take him to visit the snow - We think its just an excuse to buy more jumpers right! 😉

You can follow Kilu's adventures @whippetboykilu