Say hi to Candice and Remi - the amazing energy that this pair bring to every project with us is amazing and we love having them as part of the team.

Candice got Remi during the lockdown and had to choose him from his litter over the internet as his littler in Queenstown was one of the only one of jack Russel available. She picked him out as the cutest and we can confirm this is totally true😍

Their favorite thing to do is grabbing a coffee and puppachino at their local café and then heading out to meet friends at Meola Reef dog park.

Remi loves it here as the grass is so tall her can practice his best bunny impression bouncing through it!

Remi loves to play fetch and would do it all day if he could - his ultimate toy is a squeaky ball.

If Candice could take Remi anywhere she would head to France where dogs can travel with you anywhere and would settle in for a romantic dinner under the Eiffel Tower!