Measuring your dog for a harness

It’s essential that you measure your dog to ensure the right fit when purchasing a harness. It’s a very simple process.  See the video below for a demonstration. In the video you will also see how easy it is to fit the harness on your dog.



After measuring, simply check the table below to find your dog’s size.  The harness is adjustable around your dog’s chest.  You will see that there is some overlap in the adjustable chest sizes, choose a harness that fits, or is bigger than your dog’s neck size. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable and unsuitable for your dog.





Neck 32cm  Chest 39-50cm


Neck 36cm  Chest 48-61cm


Neck 40cm  Chest 54-71cm

Extra- large

Neck 44cm  Chest 59-84cm