Summer feels like it has finally arrived! Whilst we are able to get out and about and enjoy the gorgeous summer sun, our pets don't always have as much fun in the heat as we do. Dogs, in particular, are not able to regulate their body temperature in the same way as humans can. As such, it's important that we look out for them over the coming months and help to keep them cool. There are tons of ways we can help our furry friends stay cool in the summer including walking with them at cooler times of the day in the morning and evening and ensuring they always have access to shade and plenty of fresh water.

Other than the basics, here are our top five ways of keeping your dogs cool in the summer

1 - Ice cubes in their water bowls/frozen treats. Scoop Ice Cream is the perfect summer treat!

2- Set up a paddling pool in the shade for some splashing/lounging fun.

3- Use cool gel pads in their beds or crates.

4- Soak a bandana or harness in cold water(our neoprene harnesses are perfect for this one )

5- For puppies, knot an old tea towel, wet it and then freeze - this makes a great teething soother.

Stay cool and healthy, and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Keep cool in our neoprene harnesses - simply dunk it in water before the walk, pop it on as you head out of the door and it will help your dog cool while you hit the streets.

cover image Stephanie Cook