If you are reading this then you have probably asked yourself the question “Should my dog wear a harness?”  This post will hopefully help you answer that question, but bear in mind harnesses are great for some dogs, whilst a collar is better for others.  Luckily, we have you covered at Healthy Dog and Co with our fun and colourful dog wear options for everyone.



What are the benefits to wearing a harness?

  • Harnesses offer better control over your dog.
  • Harnesses are great for training puppies who haven’t learned to walk on a leash yet.
  • Harnesses discourage pulling; when a dog pulls whilst wearing a harness, they are held back more effectively, so pulling offers no incentive to the dog.
  • They help to keep easily distracted dogs focused.
  • Harnesses are great for little rascals that are able to slip their collar.
  • Small dogs can have neck and throat injuries caused by the strain of pulling on a collar around their neck. A harness spreads the pressure over a larger area, removing that strain from their back and neck.
  • Some breeds like pugs and French bulldogs are much better suited to harnesses as they are at higher risk of eye problems from the strain a collar puts around their neck.
  • Dogs with respiratory problems are better suited to harnesses as a collar can cause them to choke.
  • They can look super cute and are an easy way to accessorise with your dog, especially if they are reversible like ours!

*Back attaching harnesses are recommended for small breeds as they are more sensitive to pressure and front attaching harnesses can cause pain for them. This is why we have back attaching harnesses at Healthy Dog and Co.

When is a collar better for my dog?

  • A collar offers better control over reactive dogs.
  • Your dog will likely be more comfortable in wearing a collar all day, whilst we’d recommend the harnesses only for outside adventures.
  • Wearing a collar means your dog has its ID and registration tags on, should it escape.


So, does your dog need a harness or a collar? The ultimate decision comes down to a careful consideration of what your particular dog needs, and your own personal preference.  A perfect solution comes in the form of our full sets, where you can buy a harness, collar and leash. The collar can stay on all the time, and the harness can be used when you are out and about.


If you have any questions about our dog wear, please get in touch.