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Dog Fashion

Dog fashion or dog wear is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rise in the popularity of small dog breeds.  Dog clothes, including dog t-shirts, dog sweaters and dog coats are just some of the options currently available on the market.  Even Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren create dog fashion to match their human counterparts.  


Dog clothing isn’t for everyone though and there has been a rise in recent years of practical yet fashionable dog wear, such as designer harnesses. 

At Healthy Dog and Co, we provide fun and colourful designs in our reversible harnesses, collars, leashes and even poop bags.  Your dog can accessorise in a playful way whilst retaining all the practicality of a functional, and practical, dog wear system.  

Healthy Dog and Co Minty Ice Harness and Leash

Our harnesses are back attached harnesses, which puts less strain on smaller dogs. They are made from neoprene, which is perfect for our Southern Hemisphere adventures. Dirt and sand brushes off easily and you can dunk them in water before putting them on in summer to help keep your dog cool.  The leashes have a soft neoprene handle for your own comfort, and like our harnesses are reversible, doubling up the fun factor.  It’s like getting two for the price of one!

Our leashes contain a d-ring for attaching the co-ordinating poop bag holder. You need never be caught short again, and no longer will you have pockets full of poop bags.

Who says practical dog wear has to be boring?! Ours certainly isn’t!  Have a look at our current designs. Pick and choose what pieces will work for you, or even better, buy a full set.

Our full range of dog wear

Cute and collectible, easy to wear and good value too. What more could any dog want?

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