Healthy Dog and Co employees
Buzz and Sprinkles are undoubtedly our hardest working employees. Whenever there is work to be done, there they are! Their particular skills lie in unpacking boxes, taste testing our healthy dog treats, modeling our dog wear (as you can see in the above photo), and stress relief for their work colleagues. They are a big reason as to why Healthy Dog and Co exists and we thought it was time for you to get to know them a bit better. 
Where did you get your names?
S: I already had my name when my mum picked me up from the pound. I was called Sprinkles because of the sprinkling patterns on my fur. My mum says I look beautiful in my Minty Ice dog harness.
B: My family's first dog was call Woody as my human brothers loved Toy Story at the time. They stuck with the theme for my name.
What is your favourite food?
S: I loooooooooove carrots...and pizza, and my mum's healthy dog treats of course
B: I eat anything, but especially enjoy rabbit poo. I enjoy sniffing around the packages of goodies that we get to put in our dog gift boxes, but my mum says I can't eat it all.
What is your favourite thing in the whole wide world?
S: My ball, I love to show it to visitors. I never give it to them, just show them I have it. 
B: Socks, or anything else I'm not supposed to have. Stealing things is actually my favourite thing in the world. 
What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
S: I once ate through the back of the car into the rear brake light wiring. I'd like to eat the contents of the Healthy Dog  and Co Gift boxes but I'm not allowed. Mum says we have to leave some for other dogs to enjoy. 
B: I ate through my lead, on my way to a walk, in the boot of the car.
Where is your favourite place?
S: Laying on my mum and dad's bed.
B: Anywhere near my mum. 
What is it that makes you such a good girl/boy?
S: I give the greatest cuddles.
B: I'm cute, and great with my Granny and Grandad. 
What annoys you about your sibling?
S: He steals my balls.
B: When she doesn't chase me.
What do you love about your sibling?
S: He plays with me.
B: She chases me.